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Our Mission

To create interactive learning experiences and provide opportunities for Jewish educators to integrate new types of learning into their curriculum

The average young person today plays games for 21,000 hours before reaching the age of 21. "It should only be Torah they're spending so much time on," you might grumble. Well—why not both at the same time? Enter Jewish gaming.

Frankel Jewish Academy, a college preparatory Jewish high school in West Bloomfield, MI, is revealing to the world the rich educational potential of digital Jewish games. Through them, the school has created authentic learning experiences that are compelling, challenging, and interactive, allowing players to be creative and take risks. FJA is as passionate about texts from thousands of years ago as it is in touch with the interests of today's teenagers, and it shows in the revolutionary, cutting-edge games the school has created, now freely available on this site.

The pioneering Sparks of Eternity ignited the world of educational gaming with its point-and-click adventure set during the destruction of the Second Temple. The player, who takes on the role of an inquisitive young student, must explore the city’s colorful marketplaces and shadowy hideaways collecting fragments of the oral Torah before Jerusalem’s scholars are dispersed in a new exile. Its sequel, Kerem b’Yavneh (A Vineyard in Yavneh), finds the Jews picking up the pieces, after having resettled in the town of Yavneh. There they strive to lead a Jewish life and cultivate the land, sowing the seeds of Torah anew. Teachers can customize questions and quests, and students can interact in their own virtual classroom communities.

Download the games and join us on our journey through time, space, and tradition! In the words of Rabbi Hillel, "If not now, when?"