Save the Oral Torah from the
Fall of the Second Temple

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A City and Tradition in Peril

Caught between the Roman siege and violent Biryonim, a young talmid must find a way to save the Oral Torah from certain destruction.

Interact with Historical Characters

From Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai to Rabbi Eliezer to Emperor Vespasion

Play an integral role in this interactive historical experience. Help Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai escape Jerusalem, that is besieged by the Romans, so he can talk with General Vespasian. The Jewish zealots (Biryonim) are refusing to let Jews flee the city, wanting them to stay and fight. Arrange a secret meeting with Abba Sikra, the head of the Biryonim and nephew of Rabban Yochanan, in order to escape the zealots.

All the while another important task save parts of the Oral Torah that are threatened from being lost amidst all the turmoil.

Explore Ancient Jerusalem

Through interactive dialogues, quests, and player choice

The Pedagogy

Learning through play

We are developing an idea called ‘blended gaming’ where games and game play enhance the learning of Jewish texts. The game is a gateway to further text learning. We have a resource section that has the texts featured in the games, as well as lesson plans about how you may want to use the game. Certain feature such ‘educodes’ were designed with educators in mind. This is an experiment in Jewish gaming and we would love you feedback, comments and contributions on them.